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Compensation, Settlements, and Representation


When you have been injured the law provides for your compensation. Simply put, you have the right to be put back in the position you would have been but for the injury. The trouble is, the insurance companies’ views as to the extent of your compensation are usually tempered to their needs rather than yours.


We represent our clients’ injury claims on a contingency basis; that is, we take a percentage of the settlement that we obtain either through negotiation or Court Order. You are assured that we will work diligently to obtain the best settlement for you. Since we take a percentage it makes sense to get us involved at the earliest stage of your dealings with the insurance company.


If you engage us you will no longer have to deal with the insurance company.


We will:

•Take over all dealings with the insurance company;

•assist you in your recovery by putting you in touch with the best health care practitioners;

•negotiate a settlement for you, or alternatively, take your case to trial


We have conducted numerous cases involving:




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